Kids Life!

Kids Life! is the children’s department of Life! Central.

We run a group on Sundays each week during the church service, 4pm-5:30pm for children who can walk until the end of primary.

At Kids Life! we have lots of fun – music, games, stories, videos – and teach the kids important life skills. They learn friendship, what the Bible means and get to know God in an environment full of happiness, care and respect. The first week of the month the older children attend the church family service.


Caregivers may drop off their children, or attend the Life Central service.

If you choose to drop them off, there must be a responsible person that you have given permission to who is attending in case there are any issues or an emergency.

We take child safety seriously.

All kids must be signed in and out of the program, and all adult volunteers have a working with children check.